Event Information

  • Wed

    Feast of the Winter Solstice


    Kings Hall

    2929 27th Ave S.
    Seattle, WA

    The Feast of the Winter Solstice is a legendary and fabulous annual gathering for the community of the Fremont Arts Council. We celebrate the passing of the year, our ancient history, and our dreams for the future. We come together in celebration of the longest night, knowing the light is returning.

    Together in the Great Hall we mark the season with amazing dishes, marvelous costumes, exciting live musical entertainers, the contemplation of the art installations and the chatter in the Tea House. We reflect in the ritual that cleanses us for whatever comes next. Dress is splendid, extravagant, dance floor royalty, high animal spirits and incantations, stunning mermaids, Titania and Oberon, tuxes and glitter. Frank Sinatra will greet Beowulf in a giant bear hug.

    We create the Great Hall together with volunteers from our community. Everyone will bring a tasteful dish to share.

    The Feast of the Winter Solstice is a time to reflect and frolic with family and friends in an artful celebration. This is a private event for the members of the Fremont Arts Council and their guests.

    The location of the 2017 Feast of the Winter Solstice will be announced in December, as well as a call for artists and volunteers. Members of the Fremont Arts Council and their guests are invited to participate.

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