Choroloco is an acoustic trio of Seattle musicians brought together by their shared love of Brazilian music. The name Choroloco reflects their enthusiasm and love for choro, a highly melodic and rhythmic form of Brazilian popular music that originated in early 1900’s Rio de Janeiro.

The musicians – Stuart Zobel (7 string guitar), Naoyuki Sawada (cavaquinho and bandolim) and Brandi Ledferd (pandeiro and vibraphone) came together in 2013, bringing their experience in Brazilian music as well as different musical genres such as tango and classical music to create a sound that appeals to lovers of instrumental music of all kinds.

Choroloco’s performances blend hip shaking rhythms, heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and improvisational joy, and they frequently perform throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. They have shared the stage with the great choro groups Trio Brasileiro and Choro das Três, and in 2015 they were invited guests in the Berkeley Choro Festival.

Performing is just one part of Choroloco’s mission to share and promote choro. In addition to performing they also love to share choro with others by giving lessons and workshops and by hosting choro rodas (choro jams.) These include a residency at Seattle Pacific University, choro jams and guitar/rhythm workshops at the Bellingham Folk Festival, Seattle Folklore Society, and Wintergrass, and hosting the popular Seattle bimonthly choro jam since 2013.

Choroloco has recorded one EP and one full length CD, which has received airplay on radio stations such as KNKX, KPTZ and WWOZ.

Stuart Zobel
Seven string guitar

Stuart Zobel is a guitarist and composer that emphasizes in Latin American and theatrical music. He has played, composed, and directed music for Seattle’s Moisture Festival, Fremont Players, Cirque du Flambe, among others. He keeps busy playing choro, tango, samba, and bossa nova, as well as teaching guitar and Spanish classes.

Brandi Ledferd
Brandi has been playing percussion in the Seattle area for over 20 years.
Brandi currently specializes in Brazilian percussion playing in styles including samba, choro, bossa nova, Northeastern, and Afro Brazilian.

Naoyuki Sawada
Cavaquinho and mandolin
Multi-instrumentalist/percussionist Naoyuki Sawada is the newest member of Choroloco since 2013. He is a native of Japan and moved to NYC in his early 20s where he studied Brazilian music. He toured with a NY-based Afro-Brazilian dance company “Roots of Brazil” as a percussionist for 3 seasons before moving to Seattle.
Currently he is also collaborating with a Capoeira master Edna Lima for her solo CD project.